AAU Age Requirements Petition-to-Play-Down-FormPRINTABLE VERSION

Grade as of Oct. 1st 2010 Requested Grade Birth Date Requirements
12th 11th Born on or after 9/1/1994
11th 10th Born on or after 9/1/1995
10th 9th Born on or after 9/1/1996
9th 8th Born on or after 9/1/1997
8th 7th Born on or after 9/1/1998
7th 6th Born on or after 9/1/1999
6th 5th Born on or after 9/1/2000
5th 4th Born on or after 9/1/2001
4th 3rd Born on or after 9/1/2002
3rd 2nd Born on or after 9/1/2003

If the athlete(s) in question meet the requirements as listed above, please send an email to joe@aausports.org and include the following information:
1-Athlete name as it appears on his 2011 AAU Membership
2-2011 AAU Membership Code
3-Athletes grade as of October 1, 2010
4-Athletes birthday (mm/dd/yyyy)
5-Grade Division the athlete would like to play in 2011

For example:

1-John Smith
3-7th Grade
5-Athlete wishes to play in the 6th Grade Division
AAU Boys’ Basketball will return an email acknowledging or denying the eligibility of the athlete for the requested grade division. Please place of a copy of the approval email with your eligibility documents and have all supporting eligibility documents present at each game (proof of grade and age for each athlete on the team roster).
Questions may be directed to 407-934-7200.